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Owning wit

David Taylor, Guardian US deputy news editor: In one deft performance the top Democrat in the House owned the president, having faced down Republicans‘ scare tactics and attacks from her own side … Pelosi walked out of the White House … Weiterlesen

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The original huts at Bergen-Belsen were for workers who built a military exercise grounds. The military area has been in use ever since, and is today known as NATO-Truppen­übungs­platz Bergen. Prisoners were transported to the camp by train and unloaded … Weiterlesen

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Stadtfriedhof Bothfeld

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Triangel Gutshof

Vesper Haus

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Kleiner Buchladen raus, teure Galerie rein

Peter Unfried: Trotzdem ist der Glaube immer noch lebendig, schreibt der New Yorker, dass San Francisco eine superprogressive Stadt sei. Very leftleaning, also linksdrehend. Darüber habe ich mit dem Reporter George Packer gesprochen, der in seinem grandiosen Buch „Die Abwicklung“ den Absturz … Weiterlesen

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Natalia Gorbanevskaya

I found this article thought-provoking for a number of reasons. As 2018 draws to a close several media sites have published stories reminiscing about Apollo 8 and Earthrise, and rightly so — when I think of 1968 I think of Têt, MLK, … Weiterlesen

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Sorry, I’m having trouble understanding you right now

Guardian: The crash, at about 10am GMT, caused Amazon customers to complain about not being able to play festive songs, turn on their living room lights or get cooking instructions for Christmas dinner. Richard Hyland tweeted: “Good day for Amazon’s Alexa to … Weiterlesen

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Die konservativen Parteien wollen kein »Ein­wanderungs­gesetz«, weil sie nicht wollen, dass Deutschland ein Einwanderungsland wird, stattdessen sprechen sie von einem »Fach­kräfte­zuwanderungs­gesetz« — was faktisch das Gleiche ist, aber eine andere sprachliche Wirklichkeit entstehen lässt. Und sie sprechen von »Lohn­untergrenze«, weil sie nicht … Weiterlesen

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Ascendancy of neoliberalism

Henry Giroux: The ascendancy of neoliberalism in American politics has made visible a plague of deep-seated civic illiteracy, a corrupt political system and a contempt for reason that has been decades in the making. It also points to the withering … Weiterlesen

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Lublin Government

With apparent contempt, Cadogan asked whether the Polish government had any other ideas as to how they should conduct their business. Tarnawski offered no alternative and briefed Cadogan on Polish reports about Soviet arrests and killings of members of the … Weiterlesen

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Kurt Huber

I’m watching Verhoeven’s Weisse Rose again. I’m impressed with it every time I see it. Finally got to Forchtenberg a couple weeks ago, which adds a certain resonance. It’s funny how we see the same film differently re-watching over time. I … Weiterlesen

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Messages to Russia

BBC: A Royal Navy warship which has been sent to Ukraine will send a strong message to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the UK’s defence secretary says. … Crimea used to be part of an independent Ukraine, but it was annexed … Weiterlesen

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